Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lookout Steak House Gulfport, MS

Good Morning Food Fans!

Friday night my companion in nom, Terri, suggested we try out the Lookout Steak House in Gulfport. http://lookoutsteakhouse.com/.  If you are familiar with the local restaurants Salute and Back Bay Seafood then it's interesting to note they, along with Lookout are run by the same team.

We arrived fairly early and we were happy to see a very busy place! We were afraid we would have to come back another time but the staff was able to accommodate us. We sat up in the balcony and it afforded us a view of the entire restaurant including part of the kitchen.  Terri said I looked like a kid in a candy store as I watched the food being expedited.  Our waitress Lisa was excellent!  An exceptional personality and just down right fun to interact with. 

One of the greatest joys I get from eating out with Terri is she is open to try new things.  I know what's new about steak? Well a lot of things!  For example different cuts and qualities, preperation etc.  We started out with the Kobe beef tenderloin medalions for an app.  Terri prefers her meat cooked more on the well side so we went with them cooked medium well.  This was her first experience with Kobe and I think she really liked it.

We each had bread, a salad and unsweet tea to go along with our feast.  Please note the butter they served is blended with honey and I sure wasn't expecting that!  Not that it was bad, just not expected. 

For her entree Terri had the Center Rib Eye Filet and I had the Coulotte Cut Tenderloin with cabernet wild mushrooms.  We both opted for the baked potato.

Terri and I both found our steaks to be very tender and flavorful.  I had Terri do a comparison of the different cuts to see the difference in flavor and texture.  I love being able to share food knowledge!

Please keep in mind they season the steak here so DO NOT touch the salt shaker before trying your meal. 

If you are on a low sodium diet you might mention that to your waitres as they liberally season. 

So to summarize our experience.  Atmosphere was lively.  There is a bar downstairs and the restaurant floor was full. 

Food was great but remember everything is seasoned so leave the salt ALONE! 

Wait staff.  Lisa was great and everything came out to the table hot, fresh and more importantly with a smile and a great attitude. 

Prices are comparable with other restaurants in the area and considering the quality of the food definitely fair.

Recommendations.  Only one! MAKE A RESERVATION!!!! Especially if you are planning on going with friends and/or family.

Overall great experience!  Thanks again to Lisa for her great service and to the kitchen for a great job.  They were turning out the plates at warp speed!

Well my friends, keep on nommin!

"Chow For Now"