Monday, January 10, 2011

Pizza at Tony's 14th Street Gulfport MS

Hello my fellow food freaks!

Well last Friday evening after a very trying week I decided to hit Tony's for dinner with my faithful food guinea pig Terri.  Tony's has become my sort of go to hang out when I have to have a good hand tossed pie or I just don't know what I want to eat.

I had much to my own suprise become a creature of habit until that night. We decided on the usual unsweet tea, fried mozarella and a side salad.  Here's wher it gets good! 

Maria, our waitress, informed us of a special pie on the menu. It seems Tony was getting creative and had a shrimp pie on the menu!!!

I learned to eat all kinds of things on pizza while in Italy and shrimp was one of them!!

Terri LOVES shrimp but I was suprised at how readily she accepted the suggestion.  So we munched our appetizer and salad and when the pizza arrived.  VIOLA! or should I say ECCO QUA!

The crust was delightfully crunchy with a nice bit of char.  This is a "sauce less" pizza in that olive oil and garlic are substituted. Topped with fresh basil, tomatoes, red onion and shrimp snuggled in a layer of cheese. 

I must admit I was pleasently suprised. Great mouth feel and the taste was reminiscent of linguini with clam sauce.  The only thing I added was a touch of salt only because I felt it needed a little.  One thing I found strange was the pizza flavors seemed to get better as the pie cooled.  I would almost eat this cold that's how good it was.

Price was comparable to the other pizza options on the menu so this little adventure not only got me off my meat lovers with mushroom kick it was within budget.

We have eaten at Tony's a few times but this evening was exceptional. The salad was good size and really fresh.  The parmesan dressing was tangy and highlighted the greens without overpowering them.  Oh!  I almost forgot the warm focaccia that comes with it!!  This stuff is AWESOME! Served warm sprinkled with herbs and cheese it can be ordered as a side with a great marinara to dip it in.

I was dismayed to hear this wonderful addition to the menu was only a special.  In an unusual move on my part I spoke with Tony and begged him to make it a permanent fixture. Even if they don't I recommend giving the place a try.

"Chow for Now"



  1. I have one thing to say about the shrimp pizza: OM NOM NOM.

  2. Hurrah for the man who suggested keeping the shrimp pizza. I would drive west every night for such a thing. Maybe mussels should be next. I do love those little orangey rascals if they haven't been overcooked into bits of chewy rubber. Keep the adventure going, dude. I like it.