Monday, February 14, 2011

Sushi Spot Biloxi

Hello my Friends in Food!

This afternoon Terri's friend Leonie Johnston, owner of  Lavish salon in Biloxi, celebrated it's 4th anniversary so we went by to say hello and offer our congratulations. The place is awesome and is located in an older building with a wonderfully comfortable feel. Please give them a call and support a local business http://lavishsalon.net/index.php.  After we said our hellos we decided to go to The Sushi Spot in downtown Biloxi on MLK Blvd.  We had eaten here before but it was BB (before blog). 

Tonight we started with egg drop soup.  I am a soup freak.  I absolutely love soup and this was great.  Terri says it's her all time favorite egg drop yet!  Nice rich flavor, a smooth texture and sightly thickened.  We followed up with an order of egg rolls.  The order is small but it is an appetizer so it was just the right amount.  The sauce was sweet and spicy without being overpowering.  For entrees Terri had The Generals Chicken and I had stir fry shrimp udon.  The portions were large and required takeout for both of us. 

The udon was perfect! The sauce was flavorful and it allowed the noodles to take center stage as they rightfully should.  The shrimp were small but that proved to be an asset to the dish, although small, there was a large amount of them so you were able to get a taste of everything in every bite a definite plus in my book.

Terri enjoyed her chicken immensely so I think next time I'll get it for myself.  We are never shy about sampling each others food but for some reason we were content just savoring our own individual meals.  This was probably for the better because the strong flavor difference probably would have overpowered the noodles.

I would be amiss if I didn't mention the high quality service we received from Thuy.  She was professional, polite, and genuinely seemed to care about us.  She had a constant smile and was very attentive. Thanks a million Thuy!  You made our meal that much more enjoyable!!

I recommend The Sushi Spot whole heartedly.  Prices are reasonable, food is top notch and service is great.  I haven't tried lunch there yet but certainly will.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  Especially my sweetheart Terri my constant culinary companion and sidekick!!

"Chow for Now"


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shaggy's In the Pass

Hello my Fellow Food Freaks!! 

Hit another new place last night in Pass Christian called Shaggy's http://shaggys.biz/

Weather was nasty and the week had worn me out but with a little coaxing and the promise of a fireplace off I went.  Shaggy's is located right at the harbor making it really cool to hang out at during the summer.  As for the current weather the restaurant is plenty warm enough with a fireplace right in the middle. 

As usual have to have tea.  Since I no longer partake of the grape it's my go to drink.  We started out with the Jamaican Jerk Shrimp for an appetizer.  The flavor was sweet and spicy with a good balance between flavors.  Good size shrimp didn't hurt. 

Main dish was the Crawfish and Mushroom pasta.  This was a tasty dish with plenty of crawfish tails in a nice tasso cream sauce. 

The service was fast and polite and glasses stayed filled.

A couple of notes:

1.  This is a family restaurant so dress is casual.
2.  Portions are ok but not great.
3.  Caution when navigating the stairs.  It was raining and they were slippery.

The above are not complaints just things to be aware of.  The food was wonderful and the staff went above expectations.  I am guilty of a bad memory or I would give a shout out to our waiter.

Give the place a shot.  Menu has a pretty good variety without being unmanageable.

"Chow for Now"